Customized UV Sanitizers -

Industrial / Domestic

A room disinfection based on Ultraviolet radiation is a highly effective solution to eliminate a very wide range of microorganisms and it has several advantages in respect to chemical based sanitizing methods. 

This solution is secure, fast and automatized  for room disinfecting. 

The solutions are provided both with motion sensor and manual based.  

Based on room size and level of disinfection required by the client.  Whats app or email us for details

Disinfectant Tunnel
Industrial / Domestic


  • Motion sensor based

  • Uniform distribution of the disinfectant / sanitizing agent across the surface of the person/product.

  • Size/Dimension: Standard and Customisable

  • Disinfection For: Humans / Vehical

  • Usage/Application: Offices / Homes

  • Material Used: PVC, Iron, Steel,Polycarbonate

  • Suitable for: Permanent installation, Temporary installation

Based on door size and level of customization required by the client.  
Whats app or email us for details

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