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Super Saver Family / Combo pack of 4 Flip Frames + 4 [ FDA and RoHS Certified ] Visors (Big or Medium) + 4 Visors FREE


Flip Frame Face Shield with Big or Medium Visor. - Reusable, Washable and Comfortable


  • Compliance Certified (FDA and RoHS) material used.
  • Full Facial Protection from spray and splatter.
  • Reusable Frame with replaceable, imported (FDA and RoHS certified ) Clear visor for maximum visibility
  • Protection layer on both sides of the certified Visor to give you untouched and scratch free clear surface.
  • Replaceable Visors which help in minimizing pollution and carbon foot print.
  • Anti-static Process, waterproof and dustproof.
  • The Flip Frame option allows you to pull up the Visor when not needed and pull down when protection need.


Reusable because you just need to change the Clear Visor on the existingframe and continue using it for your safety, which makes it very cost effective.


Universal Frame size to fit all sizes (Adults and Children) giving you up most comfort and fits both Big and Medium Visors.

Family Pack Flip Frame Face Shield (FDA and RoHS certified material)

Visor Size
  • Visibility: The visor provides clear vision for the user. Made using high quality virgin material.


    Light Weight:  Lighter material used to avoid gripping fatigue / stress. Minimum plastic material used to reduce carbon foot print / pollution.


    Protection:  The Visor covers the entireface. A Protective layer on both sides of the Visor to avoid any scratches / germs. 
    Size:   Universal Frame. 

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