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Replaceable Crystal Clear Visor for Face Shield - Pack of 25 Visors

These visors absorb heavy impact and provide protection from dirt, debris, heat, or hazardous chemical splash. 


  • Compliance Certified (FDA and RoHS) material used.
  • Washable, Fashionable, Reusable Face Protection
  • Clear visor for maximum visibility
  • Full Facial Protection from spray and splatter
  • Anti-static, waterproof and dustproof
  • Protective layer on both sides to avoid any scratches
  • Cost Effective: Just replace the Clear Visor on the existingframe and continue using it for your safety


Refill Visors Pack - Big [Rs 1200/-] | Medium [Rs 700]

Visor Size
  • Visibility: The visor provides clear vision for the user. Made using high quality virgin material.

    Light Weight:  Lighter material used to avoid gripping fatigue / stress. Minimum plastic material used to reduce carbon foot print.

    Protection: Visor has protective layer on both sides to avoid any scratches.

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