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Share happiness this Dasara and Diwali with Handcrafted Sweets

The festive season is right around the corner, and any Indian festival is incomplete without sweets! Sweets are a token of spreading joy and happiness and we Indians love this culture.

We offer sweets to our loved ones with warmth and well wishes, and our loved ones reciprocate that by sharing their joy with us.

Srika Millet Ladoos with Dry Fruits

But what if we could share and spread love and happiness to the rural skill development as well? No, we are not talking about donations and contributions. Just a simple act of purchasing sweets that are equally good in quality & taste, made by women from a rural background in our ISO certified kitchen! 

Introducing Srika, a brand working to empower rural women by providing them uplifting opportunities. Rural women work with Srika to create amazing handcrafted gift boxes, Growing organic produce that goes into your sweets and also working at our ISO certified kitchen to prepare sweets.  

An added bonus is that Srika has a collection of "Healthy sweets" too, so you can fulfill your sweet tooth cravings without the guilt! 


And, Happy Dasara and Diwali to you!

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