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Srika - Wellness Uncompromised

Self-care and being healthy is not an expense, it is an investment for you and your family.”

In today's fast paced life, health has always been compromised. Modernization has come at the cost of environmental degradation and hectic work culture.

Well, we at SRIKA are here to solve that problem.

Srika is an innovative brand offering nutritious and healthy Millet based products with indo continental flavors.


We aim at offering nutritious and tasty food  at your convenience.  In other words traditional millet food made available in modern lifestyle.

We work hard to create innovative options for you under strict guidelines following ISO standards. Your safety is our utmost priority. All our products (World Best Nutrition Food, COVID-19 Protection products and Health Care products) and personnel follow a disinfection and sanitization protocol. 

"Seed to packet"

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